How Much Is Wedding Entertainment Worth To You?

We all know that weddings are expensive. The average wedding day costs £20,500 according to, who have also compiled this handy list of 50 ways to keep your costs down.

While expenses such as the dress and the venue are of the utmost importance, it can be a little difficult to know what to prioritize when it comes to some of the other aspects of your big day.

Unfortunately, the entertainment is often one of the first to be sacrificed as it can be easy enough to just plug in an iPod and stick a playlist on.

However, we believe that top-notch entertainment is one of the most important parts of your big day, and here’s why!

Your guests will love it

We know that your wedding day is all about you and your loved one, but don’t forget that you’ve got a room full of guests to keep happy too!

And while good company, good food and a plentiful supply of drink is sure to keep everyone happy, having a live band or singer actually gives your guests something to do.


It’s also important to remember that with big weddings with lots of guests for both the bride and the groom, a lot of people probably won’t know each other, and what better way to break the ice than to get everyone up and dancing?

Most importantly of all, great entertainment will give you and your guests memories that they’ll remember much longer they’ll remember the shade of the flowers you spent forever agonizing over.

You can get creative

The most popular form of wedding entertainment is a band or singer. We recommend an agency such as Band Hire UK who have offer a wealth of wedding bands to hire across all genres.

But the entertainment doesn’t have to stop there. The possibilities are pretty much endless, whether it’s setting up a karaoke machine, party games, a piñata, or a surprise choreographed first dance like this epic Grease inspired effort!

Look at your wedding entertainment as just another way to express yourself, and have some fun with it!

If you’ve chosen to go with a theme, your entertainment can perfectly complement it. If it’s a classy garden party, set up some big garden games, or hire out a jazz or swing band for a period themed wedding.

It’s a party!

At the end of the day, your wedding is ultimately a big party where everybody gets together to celebrate you and your partner’s love for one another, so treat it like one!

Your guests are probably going turn up wanting to cut some shapes and will be pretty disappointed if they haven’t got a dancefloor to perform on!

Another aspect which many might often overlook is that if you’ve got kids present at the wedding, they’re probably going to get bored pretty quickly of a load of grown-ups sitting around drinking, and the entertainment can make sure that everyone has a great time together!

So cut loose, let your hair down and allocate just a little bit extra of your wedding budget into getting the perfect entertainment and we guarantee your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

Marriage in Brazil

Tips To Plan Your Marriage In Brazil

Brazil, the most popular country in South America is known for its outlandish and traditional style weddings that hold a mystique and charm for the beholders. Brazilian weddings are all about music, food, fun, and party with loads of traditions and colors that make the celebration a joyous and worth remembering event. As every country and state has its own traditions and customs, likewise Brazil has its own conventional traditions that are evident in the party, attires, food, and theme of celebration.

Today contemporary weddings are popular in Brazil but they still have that traditional Brazilian touch to make them stand out from any other wedding function celebrated across the globe. Brazilian weddings are so full of fun and festivity that it can compel anyone to find a Brazilian woman for marriage and enjoy the festivities that follow.

Here are some tips to make your wedding in Brazil some extra special and worth remembering affair.

The wedding ceremony

The best way to tie the knot is to hold the ceremony in an ancient church where vows and rings will be exchanged and the marriage will be sealed with a blissful kiss. A rustic or vintage theme is always a win and a contemporary touch can be added by hiring a DJ to make the celebration much groovy and happening.

The bridal party

The bridal party can be a pretty celebration where close friends and cousins can be invited. A modernistic and fairytale theme can be selected for the bridal party with themed décor and lighting.


Fashion evolves with time and brides can choose a gown of their choice with hues of powder pink, sky blue, white, and pastel tones. Light shades are always preferred as they are the symbol of blissfulness and serenity and create a divine aura. Grooms can go for darker shades or can complement the bride’s dress by choosing to wear a light colored jacket preferably white with the darker bow.

Food and drinks

Brazilian weddings are known for their extravagant food and buffet system will be a win. If you are following a vintage or traditional Brazilian theme for your wedding then it is advised to opt for traditional Brazilian cuisine however sections of continental food can also be added to satisfy the variety of guests at the event. Get a themed wedding cake and add a dessert section with the assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and sweet dishes that go with the theme and color of the event.

Hire a DJ

Brazilian weddings are loud and are known for their music and dance celebrations. Hiring a DJ will help you entertain the guests while you can make arrangements for the function and attend various rituals during the ceremony.


Meet People Online. That Is The New Fashionable Way

There are any number of reasons as to why a person would visit a dating site. It could be because of the fact that you are looking for something very serious. It could be because of the fact that you simply want some casual dating in order for you to get over your previous breakup. Whichever the case you need to make sure that the website you are going to choose is definitely going to be the best one out there. You do not want to fall victim to anyone who might simply be trying to take advantage of your delicate situation.

The difficulty of finding someone throughout the ages

The truth is that, when you are over a certain age it can prove to be rather difficult for you to go on dates with people you meet out on the street, in bars or from common friends. At these ages you need to be very careful of the way you choose you are going to date. Over 50 dating is definitely not a task. However, if you want to get back out there and in the game you will have to accept the fact that, the online world might actually be your best solution.

It used to be that meeting someone online would actually be quite stupid. People definitely not tested. Everyone believed that the world of the Internet is filled with troubles in danger. This hasn’t changed of course. What has changed however is the communities that will provide you with the ability to meet people online. If you manage to find one of the good and legitimate over 50 dating sites than we can guarantee that you will been absolutely no danger.

Lovers everywhere

Inside those dating sites you are probably going to be able to find other people like you. People who, for various different reasons remain single until this day. People who now want to find someone to spend the last of their lives with. If you are one of those people then you definitely have a place inside those websites. And who knows, perhaps with the right research and the right mindset you are probably going to find the person you have been looking for three your entire life. That one person that will make you happy and will show you that love knows no boundaries and it will always be around for you.


Things To Check When You Are Looking For A Hair Stylist For Your Wedding

WEDDING!!! The big day of everyone’s life. When you are planning your wedding, then you cannot neglect any single stage of it. It can be from finding the right dress to finding the right accessories, to arranging the best food for your guests to the best venue. You should not compromise in terms of anything. It is not really difficult for you to find the best beauty salon for your wedding because you will be able to find the best list from You will be able to find the best makeup artists and the hairstylist at making me fabulous beauty directory. It is not really a tough job to find the list, but can be tough to choose the one that is suitable for you. You will have to spend quite a some time to take the right decision.

Here are a few things that can help you in choosing the best hair stylist from the make me the fabulous listing.

First of all try to find the salon, which is ready to offer you a free consultation. Yes, even if you have heard a lot of positive feedback about the hair stylist, you should, first of all, ask for a free consultation. Let the hair style remain for one then 7 to 8 hours and if you are happy with it even after 8 hours, then book them for the paid appointment. Do not spend a lot of money at the initial stage itself. If you are not offered the free consultation, then better look for another hair stylist.

Check the price of the hair stylist. You should not have any problem with the price after you have booked their services. So, it is always a good idea to plan the budget in advance and then find the hair stylist which is in your budget.

You should always make sure that you are given the right quote for your wedding hair style. The price of the hair styling should not exceed more than the double price of what you pay at the hair salon.

Make sure that the package includes the package of the bridesmaids as well. They are also equally important and they are also going to represent your style.

Normally, you are going to spend a lot of time with the wedding photographer, guests, your dress, your accessories and you spend very little time with your hair stylist. But you should remember that it is the hair stylist who is going to make you look the best and most stylish. It is your wedding and you are the center of attraction, so do not neglect to hire the best hair stylist for your wedding.

Meet your hair stylist in person before you actually hire their services.


What Are The Various Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Available Online

Only the finest and exceptional wedding centerpieces along with bridal wedding favors would do for that extra special day. It would not be wrong to suggest that picking out your table decorations could be a daunting task. You would be required to plan on providing elegant wedding centerpieces, as they might be a perfect wedding favor to cater your guests with at the celebration.

Wedding Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

For instance, a fall wedding table decorations is an integral part of fall decorations. There has been a plethora of attractive fall wedding centerpiece ideas. Locating the right fall wedding centerpiece that you could enable you to have a crisp table having beautiful colors would be a great thing. A green wedding centerpiece has been one of the famous fall wedding centerpiece ideas. Yet another fall wedding idea would be the cherry blossom centerpiece. Leaves would be another very attractive and popular item for making a wonderful fall wedding decoration idea.

Spring would also be a perfect wedding theme as well. You could make several homemade spring decorations with ease. Spring inspired centerpieces have always been lovely for weddings. In addition, homemade centerpieces have been both cheaper and more personal. Yet another spring inspired centerpiece has been created with spring inspired flowers. It might also be a lovely summer wedding table decorations having shiny colors. This article would cater you with various ideas for creating homemade spring wedding table decorations.

Your centerpieces would decide the temper of your party. As decorations have been the focal point of any wedding reception, it would be imperative to choose an appropriate wedding centerpiece.

In case, you want cheaper, but creative centerpieces, you could use decorative candles having combined flower designs. You could also save money through individual simple wedding centerpieces. However, homemade centerpieces would be a great idea for brides to save money while planning wedding decoration ideas. Another idea for your table decorations would be to place some contrasting colored rose petals around the vase. As a result, floral wedding table decorations have been custom made for creating just the mood you have been looking for.

Other homemade wedding table decorations ideas revolve around the idea of using fruits. Cheap fruit centerpieces might make use of lemons inside the vases. Centerpieces having seashells would always bring a tropical ambience to beach-themed wedding parties. Not only could it be difficult, but several kinds of decorations could cost you a fortune. Therefore, it is imperative that you plan ahead and allow the do-it-yourself method for a real treat.


How To Know Which Bottle Warmer Is The Best For You?

Haven’t a baby bottle warmer made life so easy for you? It definitely has numerous benefits to offer but with so many different bottle warmers out there, how can you know which one is the best for you and your baby? Here are a few factors you must have a look at before you purchase a bottle warmer.


As a parent, your highest concern is your child’s safety. You can definitely not feed your baby cold milk or food as this will result in stomach becoming upset. Heating it in the microwave always comes in the risk. For one, the milk will mostly be heated to a much higher temperature than is right for you baby. Also, uneven heat will result in more hot spots occurring on the bottle. This is what you have to keep in mind when picking a bottle warmer. Choose one that will turn off automatically when the milk is warm enough. Moreover, it should be able to retain the heat for some time, in case you are busy attending to the baby for a while.

Easy to clean:

The main purpose of bottle warmer for baby is that it keeps the utensils as clean as they could be. No doubt, the health of your baby is the most important of all things. But it is not only the bottle that has to be clean- you should be able to clean the bottle warmer as easily as possible because it is a job that has to be done frequently to ensure perfect hygiene conditions.

Easy to use:

There is not much to a bottle warmer. Actually, you will find that it is very easy to use- all you have to do is follow the directions. You have to start by pouring water to a proper limit (the limit is marked on it) and after you have immersed the bottle in the warmer, plug it in and switch it on. This is so much easier to use in comparison to preparing pans and pots to just warm the milk or food. When you are looking for the best bottle warmer, you must see that it is easy to use so that it does not cause you any trouble later.

Added features: 

There are several different types of bottle warmers available. While some may be portable others come with more features than a normal one. You can choose the one that serves your needs in the best manner.


Maternity Pants: Enjoy Your Motherhood To The Fullest

Being a mother is one of the greatest blessings of all. Being a mother of a child makes you a complete family. It is important to maintain your well being while you are pregnant so that your baby can grow healthy till the time he comes out of the mother’s womb. It is necessary to take the expert advice to take care of your health while you are pregnant. Maternity pants are a great choice for you to wear while you are pregnant, but at the same time, you have to evaluate your waist size before you actually buy clothing for yourself.

What kind of clothings should you buy?

If you like to wear jeans, then it is better to buy a pair of jeans that can be stretched. As while you are pregnant your size gradually increases. You can try both the kind of the jeans, over and under the bump while you are pregnant and then see which one is more comfortable to wear. Always buy most comfortable clothing for your pregnancy period. Depending upon the type of clothing you want to wear during your pregnancy, you can find the most compatible clothing. It is always better to buy the most fitted garments as they make you feel more flatter.

Purchase the clothing that is of cotton made as it is more comfortable. And along with the maternity clothing you have to focus on the lingerie’s as they serve a great deal of comfort while you are pregnant. You can also opt for nice fitted swimming costumes as swimming is the most efficient exercise while you are pregnant. It is important to invest in dresses that makes you look confident and gorgeous at the same time. You can also check for a large collection of maternity night wears. This will help you to sleep comfortably during the night time.

You must give importance to the size of the clothing that you are going to buy at the time of your pregnancy. You must ensure that while you are pregnant your size kept on changing at the time of pre pregnancy and post pregnancy. It is necessary to buy the clothing in sufficient quantity to use clothing efficiently. Also to provide you more comfort, you must focus on the quality of the fabric that you are going to buy while you are pregnant. You must plan all the things to buy for your pregnancy time. It is important to buy the bra made up of cotton and it must be machine washable to make things more convenient for you while you are pregnant. Always opt for the bra that are made up of elastic material and a hook and not just a strap to hold. The maternity clothing should not be chemically washed as it may harm the skin while you are pregnant. A simple cotton fabric of clothing can do the job for you. You can even opt for a t shirt type of bra to make you feel even more comfortable while you are pregnant.


Judith is an expert maternity advisor and she recommends people to buy maternity wear from


Tips To Choose The Best Wedding Photographer

Having great wedding photos is extremely important to every bride and groom. But, there’s so many photographers that aren’t as experienced as what they are promising. If you’re not making use of the Bloom Imagery wedding photography, for your photos, you might want to know all the tips on how to choose the best possible wedding photographer for your photos on your big day.

The quality of the photos

If you’re choosing a wedding photographer, the first thing that you should have a look at, is the quality of the photos that he already has taken on other weddings.

You need to ask the photographer to give you some sample of this work, before you deciding anything. You can’t just take the word of the photographer that he is taking the best possible photos. You will not be able to take other photos after the wedding if the photographer messed up the photos.

The style of photos that the photographer is taking

Every photographer has a different style that they are using to take photos for weddings or even other important events.

You need to make sure that you’re knowing the style photos that you want to have about your special day. So, that if you’re looking at the samples of the photographer, which you know if this is the style that you want. If you don’t like the style of the photographer, you need to look for another photographer that will be able to provide the style that you want.

The price

We all know that the price that a professional photographer is asking is normally high. So, don’t fall for the photographer that’s asking a fee that’s much lower than the rest. There’s a reason why he is asking a cheaper price. And, you might just get the cheap looking photos that you’re paid for.

It is important to get as many quotes as possible to see what the other photographers are normally asking. You don’t need to pay for the most expensive photographer, but you need to make sure that you’re going to get the value that you’re paying for.

Having great photos of your wedding day, is really important. We all want to remember the day, and the best quality photos will give you the best memories. This is why it is important to hire a great photographer with the best experience, and the Bloom Imagery wedding photography might just be the best choice.